Our Tribute to John Mounteney, President of the Jimmy and Jack CIC

John Mounteney’s devoted support of Notts County continued right to the end of his life, which ended suddenly last week and is being mourned by all who knew him and held him in such high regard.

The last official position connected to Notts to which he was appointed was as President of the Jimmy & Jack CIC. He accepted it readily and, typically, filled it with total commitment. He was no mere figure-head but played a full and active part in supporting a varied programme of events.

Much of his enthusiasm for the organisation, which was founded in July 2013, derived from his long years of personal friendship with the two legendary Notts figures, Jimmy Sirrel and Jack Wheeler, whose legacy it works to keep alive.

John was especially keen on all activities provided by the CIC for young people, a cause dear to the heart of both Jimmy and Jack.

We know we shall sorely miss his wise guidance and experience while acknowledging the far greater loss suffered by John’s family to whom we offer our sincere condolences at this sad time.



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