Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy is built around our commitment to 5 key areas:

  • Company InformationEnvironment Tick
  • Workplace
  • Marketplace
  • Environment
  • Community

Company Information We recognise that all our stakeholders – whether potential employees, new customers or suppliers – welcome transparency (developing trust) and need to feel aligned with the company’s values & mission statement.

Workplace Equal opportunities and our rigorous approach to Health & Safety is at the heart of our workplace culture; this under-pinned by the continuous improvement philosophy.

Marketplace Providing a quality service is paramount and we heavily subscribe to the ISO 9000 approach – underlining our commitment and the strategic way we prioritise the need for consistently attaining a very high level of customer satisfaction and retention.

Environmental The waste hierarchy – eliminate, reduce, re-use & recycle – is paramount in our carbon footprint reduction programme. We have already started adopting principles that represent ISO 14001.

Community Quite simply, we are always looking to improve the quality of the service we provide to young people from disadvantaged communities. We recognise mutually beneficial partnerships as being the key to future success;